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We are Recovery without Barriers, an Upper Darby community based group dedicated to assisting those affected by drug addiction and their families.

We are a group of Upper Darby citizens who have been touched by addiction, who have witnessed firsthand the problems or barriers encountered in seeking help for addiction. We want to assist those in need to get help and breakdown the barriers that exist in seeking treatment for their addiction.

It is our intention to be a service to the community.


The world of Addiction Treatment and Recovery is not a coordinated world. Do you have insurance? If the answer is yes, your acceptance may be quicker and better than those without insurance. Where is treatment available? When is it available? Those seeking treatment only provide a small window of opportunity. Delays can be costly. Coordination in providing recovery options is lacking.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work within the Upper Darby community and throughout Delaware County by removing the many barriers to treatment with resources to direct all affected by addiction as well as those that love them in the right direction, to ease the burden of seeking treatment and to continue the path of recovery.

To provide educational/informational resources for those in need and to act as an assist to help find places to go for treatment and recovery.

We work under the auspices of Upper Darby leadership including the Mayor and Council, the police and fire departments and others to further our mission. We strive to build alliances and partnership with other groups like us in the county and work with the county resources and others to assist.

We started meeting in March 2018. The Mayor and Council have graciously assisted us building our program and assistance network.

If you have a question, if you would like to join our network or if you or a family member or friend need assistance please call us at 267-473-1181. We have debated our path forward and are confident we can make a difference.